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As of April 20th, 2015, according to the online public information and data disclosed by Chinese foundations, the China Foundation Center (www.foundationcenter.org.cn)
Till 8:02 am, Apr 20th, 2014, according to the statistics collected through online public information and data disclosed by Chinese foundations, China Foundation Center
Australia will fall further behind China and the US in gathering information about Not for Profit organisations without the charity regulator, the ACNC, argues Not for Profit
Founded by a group of IT-savvy Chinese entrepreneurs, Tencent, the largest private internet company in China
The China Foundation Center in Beijing recently translated 31 GrantCraft publications into Chinese. These tran
New York, NY — January 16, 2013. Thanks to a partnership between the Foundation Center in New York City and t
A spate of negative events for Chinese charitable organizations have occurred in recent years, resulting in a
The majority of charitable foundations do not disclose information to the public, although they are legally ma
The newly rich in China are looking to the West for experience again. But this time, they want to learn how to
China Foundation Center (CFC), an information service platform for foundations, held a salon on Tuesday about
A delegation of representatives from Chinese foundations today (9 November) paid a visit to the EFC in Brussel
CFC will use the money to develop an eight-day training program aimed at between 30 and 50 senior staff from C
The China Foundation Center announced the findings of its the China Foundation Transparency Index (FTI) on Wed
From 2005, the number of public foundations kept steadily increasing. By June 20, 2012, there are 1259 public
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