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Chinese-language Resources for Funders Now Available

Translated Guides Improve the Practice of Philanthropy Worldwide


New York, NY — January 16, 2013. Thanks to a partnership between the Foundation Center in New York City and the Beijing-based China Foundation Center, 31 guides widely used by grantmakers in the U.S. have been translated into Chinese. The titles are part of GrantCraft — a joint project of the Foundation Center and Brussels-based European Foundation Centre — which taps the collective knowledge of funders to share insights to help them hone their craft.

Among the 31 titles that have been translated are "Communicating for Impact," "Funder Collaboratives," and "Making Measures Work for You." GrantCraft guides such as these improve the practice of philanthropy by drawing on the experiences of funders to share innovative ideas and lessons learned.

Philanthropy as a professional field in China is relatively new, and those on the forefront are eager for information and knowledge that will help them build on the wisdom of their colleagues around the world. "This project with GrantCraft furthers the China Foundation Center's mission to encourage the continued development of philanthropy in China by promoting best practices adopted from grantmaking institutions abroad," said Tao Ze, vice president of the China Foundation Center.

This project reflects GrantCraft's aim to benefit funders beyond the U.S. Its materials have already been translated into six other languages: Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. "We are delighted to make Chinese translations of GrantCraft available at no charge," said Lisa Philp, vice president for strategic philanthropy at the Foundation Center. "Partnerships like this expand the diversity of GrantCraft resources and make the practical wisdom of funders accessible to peers around the world."

The China Foundation Center (CFC) was established in 2010 — modeling itself partly on the U.S.-based Foundation Center — with the mission of bringing transparency to philanthropic markets through access to the highest quality data, news, and analytics to enhance the social impact of philanthropy in China. The CFC's Transparency Index sets a new standard for the ethical conduct of foundations in China, much like the Foundation Center's Glasspockets web site. CFC is also part of the Foundation Center's Cooperating Collection Network, 470 locations around the world that provide resources and in-person assistance to local nonprofit communities.

GrantCraft — originally created by the Ford Foundation — has recently added new guides focused on the practices of European funders and which address topics such as funder collaboration and advocacy, and translations of GrantCraft materials into Portuguese and Spanish are under way. Additional information and resources for those interested in partnering with GrantCraft on translations or new materials based on philanthropic practice in a specific country are available at