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Foundation Transparency Index Findings Released


The China Foundation Center announced the findings of its the China Foundation Transparency Index (FTI) on Wednesday. This index is used as a tool to monitor the condition of Chinese foundations, reports.

The FTI includes 60 indicators with a full score of 129.4. The index is updated every week. A total of 1,832 foundations have taken part.

However, the data from Wednesday showed that the average score is 52.41, less than half of the possible total.

Cheng Wenhao, the developer of the FTI system and director of public management department in Peking University explained that the FTI can accurately reflect the current situation of Chinese foundations. Among all the 1,832 foundations, only 30 percent made perfect scores, accounting for 1.6 percent. Most foundations range from 30 to 90.

The gap among different foundations is as large as 50 points. There are currently 2,753 foundations in China, increasing annually at a rate of 20 percent.

"The China Foundation Transparency Index is a composite and a convincing system. I hope it can improve the operation and current condition of Chinese foundations," Cheng added.