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The China-US Family Philanthropy Forum Held by China Foundation Center


On May 11, 2011, the family philanthropy forum was held in Beijing successfully. Peggy Rockefeller and the members of Global Philanthropist Circle fully communicated with the Chinese distinguished guests on the development of family foundations.


More than 100 Chinese guests attended the forum, including Zong Qinghou, China’s richest, Xu Yongguang, the chairman of China Foundation Center, Wang Zhenyao, the president of Beijing Normal University One Foundation Philanthropy Research Institute and the leaders of some well-known foundations and enterprises.



At the beginning of the forum, Xu Yongguang, Peggy Rockefeller and Zong Qinghou introduced the operation and the research experience of family foundations respectively. And then, the guests participated two panels. One was about the inheritance and result of family wealth, the other was about the balance of business investments and social investments. During the forum, Zong Qinghou, China’s richest and the chairman of Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co.Ltd., declared to establish a family foundation which is named after him.


The foreign guests consisted of 15 top political and business families who are from America, France, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Singapore, etc.

The Chinese guests included Lei Yongsheng, the general secretary of Lao Niu Foundation, Ye Zhengmeng, the president of Xin Hu Group, Deng Feng, the managing director of Northern Light Venture Capital Fund, who are the leaders in the fields of foundation, business and investment.


The presidents and general secretaries of China Youth Development Foundation, Chinese Red Cross Foundation, China Children and Teenagers' Fund, Chinese Women Development Foundation, Wu Zuoren International Foundation of Fine Arts, YouChange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation, Vantone Foundation, Beijing Xiuyuan Economic and Social Research Foundation, Shanghai Cherished Dream Foundation, Xin Ping Foundation, Tsinghua Education Foundation, Green & Shine Foundation, Anna Chennault Foundation, Huamin Charity Foundation, Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation and Baidu Foundation attended the forum. The presidents and founders of PepsiCo, Bayer and Yuanfenhui Investment Group participated in the communication.



Xu YongGuang (left), Rockefeller (right) and Donnelley, the inheritor of the world's largest printing group (middle)were having a warm conversation


The guests were talking about the balance of business investment and social investment of family charity foundations. From left to right: Yuan Yue (the moderator), MaKeLiang (the president of Hua family office), Raza Jafar (the founder of the United Arab Emirates Investment Group) , Elliott Donnelley (the manager of Chicago Donnelley family investment fund), Youssef Dib (the president of French CréditAgricole Bank) and Deng Feng (the managing director of Northern Light Venture Capital Fund)